Crematorium at Calicut


Calicut Corporation
3,647.84 sq.ft
Featured here is our proposal for the renovation of the crematorium at Mavoor Road, Kozhikode, Kerala. The brief from our clients, The Kozhikode Municipal Corporation, was to renovate the existing non electric cremation chambers and huts. Our design solution for the project was to provide for 12 cremation chambers all connected to a single chimney for smoke disposal. The most important visual identity here is the brick chimney soaring 30 meter high reminiscent of the brick chimneys found in tile and brick factories all across Calicut. The chimneys found at Feroke and Puthiyara belonging to the tile and brick factories of the British and Germans during the 1900s are still an important geographical identity for Calicut. The chimney provides for an elegant solution to dispose off the smoke generated from cremation and also is an ideal built element for the proposed crematorium as it always relates to a bygone era. The rest of the structure containing the cremation chambers and lobby are done up in traditional Kerala style to bring about an aura of heritage. Apart from better circulation spaces and utilities like car parking, the landscape for the plot has been designed to inspire a serene and pristine character in an otherwise somber place. The tree lined contemplative garden and lush foliage are an attempt by the landscape architect to lift one’s spirits.

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