Crescent Lavender


Crescent Builders
78,490.81 sq.ft
A three toned design theme has been followed in this upcoming 16 storeyed apartment tower. The use of clean and crisp white and sober gray schemes in the fa├žade treatment helps the structure to maintain an identity. The subtle use of brick cladding infuses a sense of architectural grandeur in an otherwise modest structure. Brick being one of the most ubiquitous form of construction is also a very versatile medium being the subject of countless experimentation throughout architecture. Just as the clean lines of gray and white represent functionality and efficiency, the use of brick adds a touch of emotion, creating a whole new distinct character for the structure. The plans of the structure are laid out in many levels .The first 9 floors contain five units of apartments each, the 10th floor contain 4 units, and the 11th floor features an apartment and amenities viz game room, entertainment center and swimming pool. From the 11th floor onwards, the tower juts out vertically till the 16th floor on one half of the mass leaving the other half constrained upto the 11th floor. The resulting mass of the structure created a dynamic in scale as perceived from the ground. The design philosophy as usual begins with perfectly functional floor plans which then takes up an interesting form by an interplay of shading devices, balconies and vertical fins.

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