Silver Hills HSS


Silver Hills

Ar. Akhil VK
Bricks have historically been the cornerstone of a wide array of structures, providing everything from enclosure and protection to the framework for letting in sunlight. Whether it be for their economic or aesthetic aspects in both colour and texture, the use of brick can be glimpsed in cities the world over. The plain old concrete, once considered dull and devoid of any aesthetic value, now has a new definition in modern architecture aesthetic values. Rough, cold and monolithic, concrete finishes impart a lot of solemn gravity towards structures. Plain white plastered walls is perhaps the most understated of all material finishes. They convey sobriety to the structure contrasting from the character of other materials like the romance of bricks and the coldness of concrete. By creating a structure committed to these three basic materials, we have attempted to create architecture that is very honest, featuring materials as they are, and yet have a solid, brooding presence exuding gravity that is typical to educational institutions. Through this design we aim to bridge the gap between the old and the new, proving how local materials and patterns can be used in new ways creating architecture that responds favourably to aesthetics and functionality.

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