Sree Ganesh


Mr. Suresh Babu

BCA Architecture
Renovation project of an existing residence built in the 1950s, the residence underwent two renovations in 1971 and 1984 respectively before the final renovation in 2010. The residence, situated in a large expanse of land, was originally built in traditional Kerala style and then renovated to a contemporary style in 1984, which was then again given a traditional face lift in 2010. Major emphasis was placed on the landscaping of the plot to be in tune with the architecture of the residence. A wall features a replica of "The Three Musicians", a famous painting by Pablo Picasso done in the Synthetic Cubist style. The painting is done on terracotta blocks cut according to the profile of the elements in the painting. The traditional attire of the residence combined with the landscape and the mural strives to create a balance that is pleasing.

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