Thomas House


Mr. Thomas MM
16,953.34 sq.ft
The spirit of the house in the tropics is formed by merging the dwelling with its surroundings, there by, creating ambiguous and intermediary spaces. The welcoming allure of a house in the tropics is accentuated by not just the beauty of its architecture but its ability to survive in harmony with its landscape creating a mesmerizing amalgamation of the natural domain and the personal domain, and this is precisely what has been inculcated in the design of the residence for Mr. Thomas. With a mix of spaces that have been perfectly assimilated to garner positive spatial experiences for its user ,while also accentuating the need for privacy while designing, the over all composition of the house in combination with the airiness of spaces provided by ample openings that deck the hall ways, the surrounding landscape is beautifully brought into the interior realm of the residence.

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