Varun Raj House


Mr. Varun Raj
5,504.59 sq.ft
The Coorg house is a compactly planned residence at Coorg, Karnataka and looks north-east to the large expanse of a very beautiful coffee estate. The U-shaped plan embraces a landscaped courtyard with a reflecting pool, with long stemmed trees, a pavilion and an alfresco dining underneath a flying glass balcony. The public facade is closed and secured with a rough textured masonry wall which looks into the north-west side of the estate, whereas the private facade is open and transparent giving a panoramic view of the estate beyond. The living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms look into the courtyard and the reflective pool. The first floor comprises of a family living, two bedrooms and a viewing glass balcony. The selection of materials and meticulous attention to orchestrating movement through space coupled with introduction of daylight, highlights the modern sensibility brought to this re interpretation of estate houses in Coorg.

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